Our vision of the property

We tailor the management for your residential condominium, find solutions to raise its value, and address your condominium’s unique needs in all areas: maintenance, administration, and financials.

How we do this

The quality of living in any community is directly impacted by the quality of management.

And we are sure you can agree, one of the most frustrating aspects in the property management industry is when communication breaks down.

Corporations and owners alike feel like they’re unimportant, and question if the firm they chose is even dedicated or competent.

We ensure this never happens with every aspect of property management we cover.

With 100% transparency in our work and our personalities; we love what we do and we genuinely believe in providing the best solutions the industry has to offer.

Utilizing modern technology to stay in constant communication with boards and residents alike, we are always a simple call or text away.

Plus, our open door policy ensures we are open to receiving feedback about how we can improve our services.


The visionaries

Dave Chapman

Dave is a veteran of the property management business with over 10 years experience caring for unique communities. Originally from the Maritimes, he moved to Alberta in 2007 to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions. Dave is a happily married father of two who enjoys serving his community and spending time with his wife and children.

Tom Fry

Tom who was born and raised in Edmonton, has a need to give back to the community he has called home for many years. He has over six years experience in property management and maintenance. With a caring and genuine personality he will charm you with his presence and impress you with his drive to get things done the right way.

Chelsey Isbister

Chelsey brings 13 years of condominium management to the company. She has worked in leasing, administration, accounting, and community management. She understands the importance of fostering strong communities. With a passion for organization and keeping all the ducks in a row, she is the glue that holds our communities together.

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